Project Ground Rules

We want everyone of our clients to have a distinctly different home or workplace. No home or workplace needs to be the same as any other. This is not a matter of making one room a few inches wider or adding ( or removing) any particular feature or decoration. This is a matter of making a cultural statement for you that expresses your spirit if not your ethnicity. We promise never to design the same home twice. While you may have a home or workplace of the same theme or inspiration there are an infinite number of ways to express that. Many of them are fabulous.  So projects listed here will have several characteristics:

1.They are not for a specific client-yet.

  1. 2.They are not shown in their entirety. Some portion that helps express what makes this building unique will not be shown or discussed.This is in hopes that the building can not be cloned completely by those lacking imagination.

  2. 3.If they are for a client the client has approved their posting and agreed that any publication of their home will follow the guidelines established home.

  3. 4.They have a theme or inspiration that makes them notable.

While there are archetypes that suggest that all buildings of a certain type should have a similar set of characteristics, we have found that not being a slave to those ideas can bring market differentiation

Synergy Salon, Matthews NC ° Theme: Southeast Asia meets Southeast US: Asian Style with Charlotte comfort.