About You

What we have learned about you?*

Face it. If you are reading this with appreciation for the imaginative qualities you have brushed across, you are not normal. You have no great desire to have a home that is one of four floor plans used in the subdivision. You have no desire for a work place that is easily mistaken for any other workplace.

You may or may not be wealthy but you know that even color has meaning. if you are not wealthy you at least want to use what funds you have to a meaningful and expressive end.

You have the soul of a poet. Or perhaps there is a story trapped in your heart that you want to express.

You have a difficult piece of land to build on and you want what goes on it to be memorable and worthwhile. You want to take your time playing with what goes on it and maybe try several variations.

You have an experience that has haunted you for years and you want to excise it by expressing it in the built environment.

You have visited or heard of one of our projects and you want to have a project fitted to your dreams and visions

You have visited or heard of one of our projects and you want to see if we can do the same thing for a commercial building.

You have a competent architect that you trust but you want to have their imagination stimulated so that you get something beyond the normal. You are not normal.

You are Extraordinary!

You have no great desire to be like other folks. Most of what you see in the built environment bores you to tears.

*Applies only to those who best appreciate our services