About Us

The Short Story

The Eloquent Ideas website  is the loose collaboration of a small group of architects who believe that the best architecture is not only technically proficient but tells a story that subtly influences people in their daily lives.  It causes them to consider their place in the world and perhaps become more accepting, or less complacent, or perhaps just more aware. Inspiration is not limited by size. We cover every size project from a room to a village. Just don’t expect us to generate the normal.

Meet the Staff

Louis Smith, Jr. AIA, NOMA

In addition to architecture we stimulate our imaginations by*:

listening to and playing music (piano, bass and African Hand Drums)

Writing Poetry

Writing Novels

Flying Kites

Praying and Writing Prayers



Tinkering on our Homes


Frisbee in the Park

Practicing Tai Chi

Practicing Kokoro Karate Do

Raising Bengal Cats



Playing with our children

Walking in the Woods

Having Coffee and Conversation



Who knows what we may take up next?

*No particular order or schedule. You can join us by arrangement. 

We are not normal. You don’t want us to be. Like you, we’re extraordinary.

Photo by Helmi Flick © 2013